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April Meeting Minutes

21 Apr 2015 2:01 PM | Matt Simon (Administrator)

April Meeting Minutes

CNYGCSA 4/21/2015 11:15am

Scott Winkleman opened meeting.

GCSAA doing nutrient study/survey. Please complete.

Asked who had to do snow removal on greens? Few

Today's topic: Water withdrawal reporting and permitting.

Pat Carroll:

WW is about "sustainability". NYS wants to "grandfather" current uses and plan for possible exporting water in future. Encourages conservation.

What they want to know: max capacity you can pump and what & when you actually pump.

More than 100,000 GPD  must permit; that's all golf courses. WW with high capacity & "new" users must apply 2015. Rest of use over next few years.

Buy muni water no permit necessary. (It's accounted for by Muni).

File ww report annually

If filed in past, they will be looking for report.

Will need meter and calibration methods. Check with DEC to be sure meter is in compliance. Calibrate meter annually, certification of meter calibration required every 5 years.

Permit good for 10 years. No cost for permit (?) Engineers stamp required on permit Could be $5k to $10k for engineers stamp.  CHA Eng. James Trasher 315.471.3920 & Doug Miller Eng. 315.558.8417 are 2 local firms.

Need plans, design for pump station, pump performance curves, system plan, DEC will be seeking out courses that have not yet filed for a permit.

New users are required to file in 2015. Those that have not filed in past will be treated as new user.

Google water withdrawal permit in NY to find info on DEC website.

NYSDEC contacts: to help start the permitting process: Richard Kruzansky 518.402.8182 and to follow through on the permit and processing Eric Schmidt 518.402.8187.

Future purpose of ww is to determine needs, surplus, availability, possibly for sale of water out of area.


(Dick) 2014 Charity donation: $1,000 to ARISE Foundation. Board approved

(Scott) GCSAA Chapter outreach grants available for public awareness programs (ie Perry Noun 106.3)

(Pat) SUNY Delhi golf outing to raise $$ for golf education programs

(Dick) CNYGCSA to give Cornell $4,000 grant to fund greens brushing research. Board approved.

Cornell field day June 25th followed by golf at RTJ.

Reviewed list of unpaid members.

July board meeting - Marcellus Golf Club host (2nd week?)


Google water withdrawal permit in NY to find info on DEC website.http://www.dec.ny.gov/lands/55509.html

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